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5 Tips For Better Videos

5 συμβουλές για καλύτερα βίντεο

You're going to tell me .. well, you don't do video editing? Yes, I do video editing, but if you bring me footage that looks like you've had tequila with coffee, what should I edit next?

Even if you have some experience, the following tips may go some way to helping you create better videos and make your day easier.

1. Choose a camera and don't fall into the trap!

Use the best camera you have available, even your cell phone if you don't have a budget or if your cell phone is just a cell phone and takes incredibly well... If you have a budget get something better but don't overdo it and get something very pro because you will mess with settings and a bunch of extravaganzas that will be seen in the second year necessarily and you will lose it along the way... Unless you get inspired and develop into a grand filmmaker.

Great productions have been made with simple equipment and correspondingly large potatoes with huge sums invested in them. First of all, your perspective is important, then your equipment.

2. Before pressing the rec button

You pick up the camera, press the rec button and then think about what to shoot...

If you just do the reverse everything will be much better. Think first about what you want to shoot. Make a story in your mind. Make shots and scenes. And when you're ready, pick up the camera and take a shot. Decide what to put inside your image. Ask yourself the following question.

"If I were a painter would I spend so many hours painting it like this?"

Also, after making your frame, take some time to shoot it. It's not a photo, it's a video. I will tell you a tip that a great filmmaker once taught me.

"Press the rec and measure 10 hippos!"

Until you say one hippo 1 second passed until you said 2 hippos another second passed. You do this until 10. You do this because when you start shooting more you will see that you will have solved the hippo family and then I will look for a time frame to edit the video...

Keep your background simple.

Your main subject should dominate the frame. For this reason, eliminate any element that distracts the viewer. For example, a plain background like a wall or background paper would be a great idea.

And then carefully choose any element that frames your main theme. You should use it to tell your story pleasantly and effectively. But in no case should they attract attention.

3. Nosferatu is good, but better light it up.

Look.. darkening a shot in video editing is easier than brightening it.. Just like our eyes, every camera needs light to see. If you don't have a budget, light whatever lamp you have and bring it close. The best light source is the sun, which even when cloudy has a great effect.

But if you want to spend a little money, there are now very affordable and decent options. If your camera has automatic lighting, set the lighting to come from behind the camera.. to illuminate what you are shooting, etc... But if you have the option to adjust the brightness yourself, then the game changes and you give your own feeling.

When videotaping faces, make sure they have plenty of light. Place the light sources along them and not over them to avoid shadows unless you want a Godfather style.

Using lots of bright colors can create a happier feeling for your audience. Another color, etc. in the background and another in the foreground. If you want a more dramatic version, make sure to create shadows in the right places. In any case, don't overdo it.

One more thing, make sure that there are no shadows of you, equipment, and reflections in the image that betray your presence.

4. Get a microphone too!

Clearly, the video is an image.. but it also consists of sound and trust me a good sound highlights the final result. Invest in a gun mic or a lapel mic. With little money, you can now have excellent results!

If you need to shoot a video in nature, a "dead cat" will cut you off from the annoying sound of the wind. Google the above and you will find plenty of options. If you want, give us a call and we'll tell you our opinion.

Extra tips

Always remember to keep it open (no matter how silly it may seem),

almost always have new batteries,

if it's a gun aimed towards the source of the sound,

try not to have any form of interference.

5. Stop watching TV like you used to.

Stop watching TV as a passive viewer and see from the camera operator's point of view. Do you question every shot and why it shoots the way it shoots? Notice what he puts in his frame. After a while you will get lost again but if Ms you practice you will stop watching tv like you used to.

You will find that the steady shot is not boring but essential as you do not distract the viewer. Ok, your camera has incredible zoom but don't use it all the time, and don't shake!

In the next post, I will write more tips for the correct capture of the video. Until then send us your material and your ideas and we will prepare something for you within 48 hours!

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