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Video edit in 48 hours!

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

There is something in common between a vlogger and an artist. Both are freelancers and live in the third millennium. This means that they maintain a digital personality that they also communicate via videos.

On the one hand, a vlogger or a YouTuber mainly work on creating videos as this is their main job. On the other hand, a hair artist or a fashion designer needs to create videos to promote their creations on social media. Even Christos, who transports heavy loads with his truck, takes footage with his drone. So far so good. But what about video editing?

Since you are reading these lines, you know that video editing is not that simple. More specifically, editing is a specialized job in itself. You know that there are time-consuming steps and several techniques that require knowledge and experience to be successful. However, creating highly engaging content is the desired outcome for anyone. Anyone who wants to create and promote videos that resonate. We want to create content that catches the audience's attention, by making your work stand out from the crowd.

It's not nuclear physics

You can choose video editing software. There are options that simplify the task and provide many alternatives. However, it is still a time-consuming process that needs patience, and isolation!

At first, it can be difficult. But, after a while, you will manage to find your way with it. It's not nuclear physics... you just have to watch tutorials for every topic that comes up, you have to seek out music for hours, effects, and colors while maybe it's better to keep shooting real-life situations and let us edit, locked in the editroom celebrate every new video that has just been exported!

You send us your footage, you write us two or three sentences about how you want it to be, you even send us a sample video as an example, yours or someone else's (we won't say), and within 48 hours, from the clicking rec button you will be able to press the play button!

Especially for those of you who don't have time to spend editing a video, or even more so for those of you who value life under the sun more, all you have to do is send your footage and shoot new stories!

How can video editing take off your hardware?

Video editing can add various elements to your video, such as special effects, graphics, captions, subtitles, animations, thumbnails, and audio. It can also do color processing if needed.

Editing is a very creative job, requiring not only skills and experience but also talent. Applying the right elements is not a matter of luck, although sometimes videos do happen (lol). Each element should be added where it makes sense, creating an interesting and balanced effect.

Extreme use of special effects, for example, can lead to a disturbing effect, unless the video is political whenever it goes. While the lack of proper sound effects, graphics, or links could make your video boring, and uninteresting. Don't forget that the viewer gets bored easily. By trusting a video editor, feel safe that the result will be cool and ready to upload to social media.

Will I fail if I collaborate with a video editor?

The answer is yes, if you capture your life in real life and send us your every moment, yes. Countless alternatives to suit your needs and budget. We can get footage from any camera, including your smartphone. Taking into account your business activity, your style, and your audience, we can create custom-made videos. Based on your instructions and suggestions, we deliver what you want.

In short, are you a vlogger or a Youtuber? Are you a fashion designer, hair artist, athlete, or craftsman? Or are you a freelancer who shares videos of your daily activity as part of your job? Maybe you just went on vacation to Malibu or Santorini. Whatever the reason you need to share videos with your audience, we're here to edit them. We can add links to your Facebook and Instagram, add sound effects (bell rings!), images, stock footage, and music in a variety of ways.

The alternatives are limitless! Tell us your expectations and we will fulfill them within 48 hours! Why cooperate with us? Because if you don't like the result, you don't have to buy it. Because we'll listen to you and not do our heads (we'll do our heads too) And all this, in 48 hours! We are the partner you need, whether you are just starting out or are a pro! Send to see you!

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