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Youtube video editor

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Looking for a video editor about your YouTube Channel?

Relax! Editroom has the solution for you. Are you a vlogger, influencer, youtuber, podcaster or anything else that requires video editing on YouTube? Surely if you edit a your videos by yourself, one thing is sure: You are spending endless hours in front of a screen.

And here is the time to make a new friend! A YouTube video editor can become your sidekick, since he will undertake to do all the "dirty" work for you. So, you will stop being locked in a dark room all day editing.

A YouTube Video Editor can save your life!

Working with a YouTube video editor will save you. Now you'll have plenty of time to create new content, without having to worry about editing.

Let your videos now take on another dimension. A professional editing can raise the quality of your channel to new heights!

What a video editor can offer you?

First and foremost. Time saving. It is a fact that any channel that wants to respect itself must upload videos quite often. To be able to do this you not only have to take good shots, and create interesting content for your audience, but guess what. You should also edit them. And edit them correctly. With consistency and - as much as possible - professionalism.

Secondly. A professional video editor knows how to do very good video editing. What does this mean; That your videos will have a "new air". They will look more professional. This is the way you can attract more subscribers. Who wouldn't want to see your vlogs with nice effects and transitions?

Don't forget that now the audience has become very demanding, and takes everything into account. From the good lighting and sound, to the most important - the editing.

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At this point, we want present you our incredible collaboration with the YouTube creator & Instagramer known as Brownee.

Brownee (Sofia Gioni), among with her mother Ms. Matina Papadakis, are the owners of the 1st brow bar in Greece. Their success is a given since they combine new innovative ideas with their incredible talent.

Sofia therefore decided to try her luck with social media, in order to effectively promote her business. So she creates content for Instagram and YouTube, in order to advertise her company and her products.

Due to her heavy workload, she doesn't have time to edit the vlog videos for her YouTube channel by herself.

And this is where we come in.

Sofia was desperately looking for a professional video editor to edit her videos. And of course we were happy to help her.

Now we are spending endless hours in the dark room of the Editroom, while Sofia has time to create beautiful and creative content.




How Editroom works

All you have to do is just be you. Be yourself. Shoot your footage and create content like only you know how, and then send it to us.

Within the next 48 hours (oh yes!) you will have the video you want all ready. We promise you that we will keep your character and uniqueness unchanged.

But for those of you who don't know how to film, don't worry! has a solution for that too. We can also take can for the video production.

Contact us for more details. Bring your ideas and your vision, and see it immediately become a reality!

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